Our Story

Education in Baton Rouge is changing, with more choices for all families. More options will mean better results for our children. Democracy Prep Baton Rouge is a part of that change. We are part of Democracy Prep Public Schools, a network of high performing charter schools with a proven track record of success in New York and New Jersey. 100% of our graduates go to college. This, combined with a founding team with deep roots in Baton Rouge, will make us a successful school that’s here to stay.


Michelle Gieg


The DREAM Team

The Democracy Prep Baton Rouge DREAM team is composed of the best educators in the world.

Brigette Chapman

Elementary Campus Director

Shelby Godfrey

Elementary Leader U Fellow

Molly Means

Elementary Lead Teacher

Cherri Wells

Elementary Operations Manager

Candice Delgado

Elementary Scholar Support Manager

Andrea Browder

Elementary Kindergarten Teacher

Hope Fiske

Elementary Kindergarten Teacher

Trey Fluellen

Elementary Kindergarten Teacher

Emilia Urban

Elementary Kindergarten Teacher

Jemima Jean

Elementary 1st Grade Teacher

Mackenzie Jones

Elementary 1st Grade Teacher

Daisha Washington

Elementary 1st Grade Teacher

Jacquelyn Anthony

Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher

Tavidee Hoskins

Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher

Cara Sullivan

Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher

Traci Broussard

Elementary ACT Teacher

Carrie Stephens

Elementary Performing Arts Teacher

Michelle Geig

Regional Executive Director

William Carter

Regional Associate Executive Director

Rachel Brown

Regional ACT Manager

Erich Schultz

Regional Data & Technology Manager

DPBR Board of Directors

Dr. Leslie Grover

Chair, Southern University

Allyson d’ Aquin

Treasurer, All Star Automotive Group

Eddrick Martin

Capital Area YMCA

Camille Lamond

Citizen Activist

Marketa Garner Walters

American Institutes for Research

Dr. Hector Zapata

Louisiana State University

Jenny Richey

Citizen Activist